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'1x01'New Faces

The Man with Scales (Eddie McClintock), injured, is attempting to shop out his dragon scales among the autumn festival in Alenhroft. Over the opening credits and festival music, he gives scales to the principal characters, Dyr and Skjaldi (Dessa and Nicole Beharie), Lowen (Rooney Mara), Gwinna (Kat Dennings), and Elliwick (Chitrashi Rawat). They play festival games, dance, and eventually end up at the same table at a tavern. At the final dance of the night, the festival is violently disrupted by an attack by a dragon firebombing the city; they run for the nearest building, which collapses, leaving the protagonists stunned but unhurt. They attempt to stabilize those in the rubble around them, then escape through the tunnels under the city, encountering along the way darkmantles, otygs, and a mysterious woman named Shiko (Celina Jade) who points their way out. Upon reaching the surface again, however, they are captured by a band of slaver orcs.

Episode tag: Shiko wanders through the underground following the party's trail of destruction, looking mildly amused.


Untried Hearts

At the orc camp, their half-orc leader Tsadok (Jason Momoa) challenges the protagonists to single combat, claiming he would free them if they could defeat him. Dyr takes him up on the challenge; while Tsadok is occupied, the others attempt to escape, aided by Gwinna's warpony which had escaped the city, and by a mysterious bystander (Tom Hiddleston) who helps Elliwick light orc tents on fire and gather the party's supplies. Gwinna is unable to rescue Dyr from her single combat, but Tsadok, rather than fighting, helps Dyr onto the nearest horse and thus to escape. Afterwards, away from the orc camp, the party discusses the situation in Alenhroft, and mutually decide to return there to help those who may have survived.

Episode tag: Tsadok stands in the ruins of the orc camp, going over the motions of his fight with Dyr and looking thoughtful. A dragon shadow passes overhead.



On the way back to Alenhroft the party is waylaid by their helpful bystander, who returns their supplies but explains that he has need of Elliwick and that she sends her regards. The rest of the party take shelter in a cave from a sudden thunderstorm; there they encounter two fellow travelers, Kel (Ellen Page) and Darren (Tamhoh Penikett). Dyr hears someone further inside the cave, who attempts to communicate with her telepathically; when she chooses to free him, he turns out to be a psionic drow (Andrew Garfield) who uses his mind powers to send the party into a panic. The party sees things they fear -- Lowen sees the Genth, Gwinna sees fire, Skjaldi sees a cave-in, and Dyr manages to knock the drow unconscious and return him to the underdark.

Episode tag: The drow awakens in the dark and sighs to himself before heading off another way.


Unexpected Allies

Upon returning to Alenhroft, the party has to sneak past both orcs and gnolls. They discover the survivors of the attack holed up in the central arena, overseen by paladins and lead by Jos (Gina Torres). Skjaldi meets Kyr (Takeshi Kaneshiro), a rogue overseeing tactics and taking potshots at the enemy, and strikes up a friendship with him. Gwinna catches Darren summoning a large, glowing white cat, though she doesn't understand its significance. The party spots Tsadok and his band of orcs, and having observed tensions between the orcs and gnolls, they send him a message via arrow, proposing an alliance to oust the gnolls. Tsadok accepts, and holds a private meeting with Dyr, agreeing to get rid of the gnolls and let the survivors in Alenhroft go free, in exchange for the party's help in defeating the black dragon giving him orders.

Episode tag: In the arena, Skjaldi and Kyr shoot arrows at each other containing inconsequential messages.


The Black Dragon

In the morning Tsadok fights with the leader of the gnolls and wins. The Alenhroft survivors are allowed to escape, and the party, together with Tsadok, organize the orcs into a force to defeat the black dragon overseeing the Alenhroft project. They fight the dragon, and win, though Darren chooses to fight it head-on and is nearly killed. When the party is in the dragon's hoard, they receive a distress call from Elliwick, which they answer, vanishing at once and leaving Tsadok wondering where they've gone.

Episode tag: Tsadok makes a thorough investigation of the dragon's lair and ascertains that the party can't be dead in there.


Remember Me As Disaster

While the party was in Alenhroft, Elliwick was dealing with the helpful stranger, who has at this point introduced himself as a shadow tiefling named Dusk. Having also enlisted the help of a wizard, Callion (Tom Mison), Dusk demands, as repayment for helping the party escape the orcs, Elliwick's assistance in disarming traps and solving puzzle defenses in maze of underground ruins. In the final room they trigger the trap, slowly filling the room with water, and Dusk vanishes, abandoning Elliwick and the wizard to die, after poisioning Callion. As his last act, Callion gives Elliwick the key to his tower and a charm bracelet that will allow her to call for aid. She does so, and the rest of the party appears. Looking for a route of escape, Skjaldi discovers that she somehow has the ability to breathe underwater; she discovers a passage underwater, and the party swims to relative safety. There they find a strange room full of portals; Gwinna's wolf smells out which of the portals Dusk has gone through, and when the party investigates they find Dusk at the mercy of earth elementals. Gwinna manages to talk the elementals down from killing Dusk, so that they can get answers; and because the party feels they cannot kill Dusk while he is trapped, they decide to to place him in their bag of holding for safekeeping. The party agrees to follow up on the key that Callion gave Elliwick; they discover his lighthouse tower a short way outside the ruins.

Episode tag: Dusk paces and curses and panics in the bag of holding.


Alone in the Light

Inside the wizard's tower, the party encounters a forbidding mithril golem; it attacks those it perceives to be intruders, until Elliwick shows it the key Callion gave her. The party attempts to explore the tower, which appears to be only an empty ground floor with a spiral staircase leading to Callion's study and the lighthouse room above. In the study the party discovers letters addressed to the wizard: one from the prince of the aquatic elves requesting a meeting, and one mentioning the discovery of a portable fortress on the outskirts of a city called Ellesmere. The party discusses whether to follow up on these, and what to do with Dusk; they decide to sleep before making a decision, and Gwinna volunteers to take first watch and keep an eye on Dusk. They talk up in the lighthouse; Dusk explains that he was attempting to open a portal to the Abyss to rescue a friend, and Gwinna allows him to go free. In the morning she tells the party that when she went to check on Dusk in the bag he was already gone; the others are suspicious but allow it to slide. They decide to follow the lead on the portable fortress, and use one of the portals in the study to travel to Ellesmere. The moment they arrive they are attacked by seemingly invisible attackers who, when Lowen glitterdusts them, turn out to be bee assassins, whom the party dispatches relatively easily. Upon venturing out of the alley they appeared in, the party is stopped by city guards, who want to arrest them for using magic.

Episode tag: The golem in the tower goes through a screen in the tower and begins frolocking through a meadow.


The City on the Lake

After talking their way out of an arrest by claiming to be street performers, the party sets out to discover why using magic is a criminal offense in Ellesmere. They overhear a wizard, Aliea (Jasika Nicole) arguing with the Captain of the Guard (Sean Bean) about the fact that the guards have been arresting wizards who haven't done anything wrong; the Captain accuses the wizards of letting magic run haywire, and of being agitators who are scaring the city by spreading rumors of a hydra in the lake. When Aliea backs down, the party goes to talk with her; they ascertain that the threat of the hydra is real, and offer to help her and her wizards fight it. Gwinna and Elliwick go to free the wizards already in prison; the two guards on duty (Danny Pudi and Donald Glover) mistake Gwinna for the Queen of Edrad. However, after she orders them to release the wizards and to take the rest of the day off, Elliwick triggers alarms trying to free high-security prisoners, and Aliea transports them to her mages' guild. There they form a battle plan: to ally with any guards who would, use a paladin named Tyden (Zachery Levi) to lure the hydra to shore, and to destroy it with the remaining might of the mages' guild. Tyden misses his appointment, instead getting very drunk with the Captain of the Guard; but in the morning Aliea rides out in his place, and the party, with the wizards and some guards, successfully defeat the hydra, assisted by a bystander (Natalie Dormer). During the celebration afterwards, the Dutchess of Ellesmere (Lena Headey) thanks the party for their service; Skjaldi composes a wildly successful song mocking the Captain of the Guard; and the bystander approaches the party, introducing herself as Aja and requesting their aid.

Episode tag: Citizens of Ellesmere sing Skjaldi's song in a bar; Warret (Alan Tudyk), a character from season three, can be seen singing in the background.


Tell the Truth to Strangers

Aja explains that a wizard named Faedrin is partially responsible for the disappearance of the other wizards, and that he once killed her close friend. She asks the party's assistance in cutting him loose from the anchor that allows him to return to the material plane. Though Lowen distrusts Aja's motives, the party agrees to assist her. They return to their tower, and go north by way of Sol, where they buy griffins and fly to Faedrin's fortress. Along the way they encounter various challenges: unnatural sleeping spells in the valley around the fortress, wintery voltags, intelligent guard wolves, and an iced-over lake containing Faedrin's study. Elliwick discovers that the cold doesn't affect her at all; the party realizes that their various dragon scales give them special powers. Elliwick goes down into the lake and retrieves the wizard's anchor, a small trinket the party destroys with various magical and physical means. When the party makes camp that night, Aja and Gwinna take first watch, and Aja tells Gwinna how she escaped from people who wanted to protect good creatures from bad things coming, because as an aasimar she wants to do good out in the world. However, when the watch changes, Aja is snatched away by a griffin, and Dyr, also on watch, is unable to save her due to being also carried off, in a different direction, by a cold fae whale.

Episode tag: Aja receives a message from the compartment in her boot; in return she replies "It's done."


Ash and Bone

In the morning the party is stymied, trying to figure out how to go after Dyr or Aja, when a powerful druid named Devran (Joan Chen) appears out of the tree roots and requests their help. She explains that a portal has opened up in her forest, the Shaws, and is slowly destroying it; she can't close the portal by herself, but when she did a spell searching for a solution, it pointed to the party. She also agrees to transport them anywhere they like afterwards. The party agrees; after traveling by root, they arrive in the Shaws, and are sent through a portal into a necromatic pocket plane, accompanied by Devran's animal companion, a rhino. The party goes to the castle at the center of the plane, battling a bone dragon and various other monsters; Skjaldi recalls a story about a necromacer who specialized in making and colliding planes, though he must be dead by now. The party destroys the orb that holds the plane together. Back in the Shaws, Devran admits that she cannot scry to find Dyr; but the party soon recieves a message from Dyr, who says she is heading from Sol, and needs to get somewhere safe, because she's been framed for murder of the head Paladin.

Episode tag: Lowen and the rhino have a contest in who can destroy boulders faster, Lowen by blowing them up or the rhino by charging them; amind the rubble Lowen high-fives the rhino's horn.


After This, Our Exile

The day beforehand, Dyr wakes up on a fae whale that is coming in to land on Pelor's main tower in Sol. It cannot answer Dyr's questions about why it took her there, so Dyr sets out to invesigate. She's found herself in a part of the temple that is for the highest members of Pelor's order. She hears someone walking up the stairs, and calls out a greeting; alerted, Adhun (Sasha Roiz), the Third in Command, comes in and greets her. Shortly after, Marlesen (Glenn Close), the First in Command, bursts into the room, looking as though she is already dying, and attacks Adhun, who Dyr realizes is holding a dagger that radiates evil. Dyr tries to intervene, but Adhun stabs Marelsen to death, and Dyr knocks Adhun out. She notices Dusk in the shadows, and holds him in fire; he expresses his condolences for her being there, as she'll be framed for this if she stays; he explains that he was there to make sure the job was done, and escapes the moment Dyr's fire is too low to contain him, though she attempts to kill him. Dyr realizes how bad this looks and escapes Sol on a celetial bee, before meeting up with the party on the borders of the Shaws. They return to their tower, where they encounter Shiko, who has been looking for them; in exchange for information, she tells them that both Dyr and Skjaldi are wanted (Skjaldi by the dwarves), that an army of paladins is heading for Alehroft to take out Tsadok and his orcs, and that Kyr has been compromised. After she leaves, Skjaldi tells the party how she and Dyr first met. The party explores the tower further; Gwinna catches their mithril golem in its true form, that of a fairy dragon. Debating what they should do next, the party decides that they are partly responsible for the current situation in Alehroft, and resolve to go help Tsadok.

Episode tag: Dyr and Skjaldi sit together in the tower, playing cards and quietly enjoying each other's company.


If You Would Seek Peace

The party teleports down to Alenhroft using a scroll they discovered in their tower. There, Tsadok is rallying his orcs to attack the final knoll encampment, and he happily accepts the party's assistance. Besides orcs, Tsadok has a half-elf follower named Leon (Callum Keith Rennie), who seems competent but doesn't explain his reasons for being there. Before the battle, Dyr fails to mount her horse because she's flustered by Tsadok, but eventually she manages. They all ride out to a quick and victorious battle. Afterwards the party spends the evening celebrating with the orcs; Skjaldi learns to drum with them, Lowen puts on a magic show, Elliwick does her best to avoid becoming a game of toss-the-gnome, and Gwinna reunites with her war pony, now called She-Who-Crushes-Her-Enemies-Beneath-Her-Hooves, and braids its hair with the orcs. Dyr and Tsadok spend the night talking. In the morning they begin planning for a confrontation with the paladins; they wish the parlay and propose single combat in lieu of a war. Gwinna offers to act as a druid liason, and heads out to meet the paladins; on the way, she runs first into a veliociraptor, then Aja. 



Aja explains that she was kidnapped by the people who wanted to keep her safe, but she managed to escape again. Together she and Gwinna go to the paladins, the new Third in Command and her Lieutenant (Jaimie Alexander and Katee Sackhoff), who agree to Tsadok's proposal. Back in Alehroft, Tsadok and Leon argue; Leon thinks single combat is a terrible idea, and moreover is offended when Tsadok says that it will be a double combat, with Dyr as his second rather than Leon. Dyr overhears, and goes to Skajldi, panicking about her feelings; Skjaldi's advice is to tell Tsadok, so Dyr does, and they kiss. Meanwhile, Leon approaches Skjaldi with an alternate plan: he has a red dragon orb, and wants to take out the paladins that way. Gwinna is also concerned that they have no backup plan, and offers to call in a favor; when questioned, she admits that she has the ability to contact Dusk, and explains she let him go because she is also a tiefling. The party rejects both backup plans, but Aja sneaks away and tells Leon that she likes his plan, and will signal him to summon a dragon if things go badly. Tsadok and Dyr fight the paladins; the paladins appear to be winning, but before anything definintive can happen, a red dragon appears above Alenhroft and attacks. Everyone scatters; the party grabs Tsadok and runs for the safety of the tunnels below the city.

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Distant Horizons

While the red dragon still attacks the town above them, the party receives a summoning, and find themselves transported to a lush jungle and confronted by a green dragon -- the Green (Tilda Swinton), greatest of her kind. The Green ignores the party entirely, except for Lowen, to whom she gives a task: Lowen must go to the astral plane and intercept a particular group of travelers, or the Green will eat all Lowen's friends. Because they're still worn from battle, Lowen requests a day's reprieve before they embark, which the Green grants begrudgingly. During their rest, Dyr demands an explanation for Gwinna's betrayal in letting Dusk go. Gwinna explains that she traveled once before with a group of people whom she came to trust, and when they discovered what she was, they tried to kill her. Dyr promises this party won't do the same, and that they're owed an explanation but Gwinna is forgiven, provided she never does anything of the kind again. The rest of the party concurs to this. When the Green returns, they are sent to the astral plane. In order to travel quickly, the party ropes themselves together, with Dyr leading them, and falls through the gravity-less plane until they encounter a genie (Rupert Grint), who gives them directions to the nearest city. In the city, they ask after the travelers, and talk with a pirate named Scyth (Zoe Saldana), who tells them to check a particular bar, though in exchange she wants any information on a particular book. At the bar the party orders drinks, causing Gwinna to start a one-sided fight with Tsadok, Aja to rapidly and improbably shapeshift, and Lowen's spells to misfire. The party is attacked by a dread wraith, whom they defeat; assuming betrayal, they head after Scyth. They encounter further dread wraiths and the other travelers they were sent after; Scyth assists the party in the fight. When the travelers are killed or captured, Scythe drops the party off through a natural portal, landing them back on the material plane. The Green appears to take away their prisoners, and disappears again, satisfied.

Epiosde tag: The bartender on the astral plane sweeps up the aftermath of the glitterwraith. 


Stealing from Death

Having been deposited near their tower, the party goes to ground. Lowen searches the tower for Scyth's book, and finds it, but cannot open it, so she decides to withhold the information from Scyth until they can discover what was in the book. Lowen also discovers she has come down with a cold, so she elects to stay in the tower's healing room. Alenhroft is unscryable. Because there is no pressing business, the party travels to the nearby city of Verhold to do some shopping. Just outside the city they encounter Kel, who wants to hire them to steal a metallic dragon orb from the Assassins' Guild in Verhold. The party agrees, hoping this will help them find answers to why a metallic dragon destroyed Alenhroft. Elliwick, Kel, and Skjaldi go one way, to infiltrate quietly; Gwinna, Dyr, and Aja go another, to present themselves to the guild as potential clients. They succeed at getting in by openly billing themselves as a fallen paladin and a tiefling. Inside the guild they encounter Kyr, who appears to be working for the assassins; he recognizes them, but does not give them away. They present the dagger used to kill Marlesen, and are shown to vaults for safekeeping. Communicating telepathically, Elliwick, Kel, and Skjaldi direct the others towards the appropriate rooms; Kyr asks to meet with them later, and creates a diversion, allowing Gwinna and Aja to take the orb. The Lich (Christopher Lee), head of the Assassins' Guild, is alerted to their prescence, but though he sees them, Kel summons them to the other room before he can do damage. From there they flee through Verhold; on the outskirts, they receieve another dragon summons, and are ported away.

Episode tag: The mithril golem walks through town, buying food at various venders before returning to the tower. Lowen sits in the healing room looking miserable; Elliot comes in, bringing her soup.


The Warpony

Back in Alenhroft, Lona the warpony wanders past dead orcs and regrouping paladins in the aftermath of the red dragon attack. On the outskirts of the city she runs into Dusk, and decided to follow him around, despite several halfhearted attempts by Dusk to make her go away. Dusk goes into the city to report to a genth (Ralph Finnes), who gives Dusk further orders. As Dusk heads out to the plains, Alenhroft's wizards' tower reappears in the city behind him. Lona directs Dusk to her velociraptor friend while Dusk complains about being pushed around by a pony and how he's the only one who can open portals and how this whole thing is stupid. Dusk encounters several paladins, overhearing their plans but otherwise leaving them alone; he likewise sees Leon, but doesn't stop him. As he travels, Dusk opens portals, followed by a slowly increasing number of velociraptors. They are attacked by an enraged apatosaurus; Dusk has plenty of time to get away, and instead assists the pony and velocirpators in taking the larger dinosaur out. Afterwards he heals Lona, shrugs, and continues opening portals while riding the pony.

Episode tag: Another genth talks with Dusk's, asking whether it's wise to give Dusk this much freedom; Dusk's genth shrugs and says it doesn't hurt to give them a small illusion of freedom.


The Queen's Gambit

The party appears in the cave of the Copper dragon, who claims to be Aja's champion, and reveals to the party that Aja is not an aasimar but a shapeshifter. The Copper charges the party with going to the Capital  City to rescue the Queen from an assassination attempt by elves. The party agrees and goes to the City, where Elliwick reveals that her family is from the City, and are in fact running the Underground. She contacts her family, including her father (Aamir Khan), to see if they know anything of the assassination plan. Meanwhile Gwinna goes to the castle, where she encounters the Duchess of Ellesmere, and in the light of a candle of truth explains that she's here to stop the Queen's assassination by posing as her for the evening; the Duchess agrees to faciliate the plan. The Queen herself is summoned away by the Copper, and the party attends a ball in her honor, with Gwinna in the Queen's place. Several elves and gnomes attempt to assassinate her, but are stopped by Lowen, Skjaldi, and Elliwick. In the morning the party goes to investigate who set up the assassination; in a bar Aja recognizes an assassin (Richard Brooks) as a contact, and shifts to a form he would recognize. The assassin reveals that his guild is planning to draw out the people who stole an orb from them by attacking the village of one of the party members; Aja, worried at Dyr's reaction, asks that the Copper retrieve her, but the Copper summons the entire party.

Episode tag: The Queen (Lizzy Caplan) is transformed into a small copper dragon and frolicks around the Copper's cave.


Light a Candle

Back in the Copper's cave, the party demands answers from Aja. The Copper summons a long-lasting truth candle, and Aja explains how she has been working for a multi-planar organization sewing chaos throughout the planes -- the same people stealing dragon orbs and using them. She shows the party hellish tattoos that she was born with, and explains that they have been slowly growing, and that she joined the planar organization in the hopes that they would help her get rid of the tattoos. Elliwick demands that anyone else with dark secrets come forward. Gwinna steps in to say that she first sought out the party in Alenhroft because she'd had a dream-vision of herself at the head of a demon army, the rest of the party at her side, and when she woke she'd wanted to meet them and see what the dream foretold. At this point Lowen adds that she is in fact a genth, a race of elves known for their great magics, especially in the summoning and naming of demons. She tells the party of how she dislikes her family, including her mother ([CASTING HERE]), and one day decided to run away from home; before she did so, she looked at three demon names in a forbidden book. In the present, Dyr has been thinking about Aja's explanation and her earlier panic when speaking to her contact, and realizes that the village in question is Dyr's. She demands answers; Aja doesn't know much more, but the Copper offers to transport them up to Dyr's village to defend it.

Episode tag: Lowen's mother and Lowen's cousin (Jamie Campbell Bower) discuss whether it's time to bring Lowen home. Lowen's mother says the time draws near.


Fear Not This Night

Kyr wanders through Dyr's village, puzzled as to why the assassins' guild is targeting this place, especially while it is preparing for the winter solstice festival. In the street he runs into Asmun (Harmony Santana), who is heading out into a field with a bag of metal. Kyr thinks for a moment that she's Dyr; she responds to the name, not as though it is hers but as though she knows it. Kyr realizes why the assassins are there, and excuses himself. Meanwhile, the party appears on the outskirts of the village. Dyr leads them to the village's temple of Pelor, where she quickly explains to the head priest (Ian McKellen) that she was framed for the murder of Marelesen; the head priest says that Dyr's order already knew this. She tells them of the approaching assassins, and the head priest begins preparations to defend the village in addition to the solstice preparations, which he refuses to cancel for an attack. Dyr thanks him and goes off to see her family. While she's gone, the rest of the party investigates the village's defenses and takes in the sights. They encounter a merchant minotaur called Alex (Chris Hemsworth), who attempts to sell them spices and get a close enough look at Skjaldi to determine whether she's the dwarf he has bounty papers for. Meanwhile Dyr goes to visit her family; her parents, ([CASTING HERE]), are delighted to see her. Her younger brother Asmun has something to show her out in a field: she's been building a ballista that she thinks will come in handy in a fight. They walk back to the village together and join in the solstice celebration. Alex realizes that both Dyr and Skjaldi are the ones he has wanted posters for, but decides to wait it out and join the village in the fight against the assassins. Dusk contacts Gwinna via speaking stone and warns her that it would be a bad idea for her specifically to die in this battle. During the celebrations, a wyvren flies near the village; Dyr realizes it's Tsadok, and goes out to greet him, inviting him in to join the solstice celebration.

Episode tag: Kyr watches the celebrations from the shadows, watches the assassins gathering, and worries.


These, the Countless Dead

A mist begins creeping over the village. Kyr runs into the temple to warn people; Skjaldi punches him, and Kyr explains that the assassins are coming, earlier than expected. The village gathers to defend the temple. Assassins set fire to houses and fields; skeletons rise from the mist. A battle ensues. For the most part defenses hold. The party realizes there must be a necromancer somewhere; Dyr, Tsadok, and Aja set out to take the necromancer down. Lowen is felled by the leader of the assassins, but her body vanishes before anyone can get to her to heal her. Meanwhile Dyr kills the necromancer, despite the fact he appears to also be a powerful druid, but he takes Aja out with him; her body vanishes also. With the death of their necromancer, the assassins retreat, leaving the village half destroyed and the party baffled by the disappearance of their friends.

Episode tag: Tsadok and Dyr sit in the aftermath of the battle, tending each other's wounds.


The Price We Pay

Dyr's village cleans up after the battle; people discuss how to rebuild and are grateful that no crops were lost. Dyr feels bad for not being able to stay, but knows she must go; Asmun also wants to go out into the world, but her parents refuse to allow her to travel out with Dyr. Alex, having seen the party's defense of the village, announces their secret is safe with him and he won't be collecting the bounty or helping anyone else do so. [In the Captial City, Katariah making various political moves in the aftermath of the party's visit.] In the Shaws, Devran rallies her druids; nature is beginning to misbehave, and she herself is going to a volcano to stop it exploding. [Elves sense SOMETHING BAD.] On the road, Kyr sees the Green swoop down on the retreating assassins and destroy them for carrying Lowen's ring. Back in the village, Gwinna contacts Dusk to ask why he warned her about dying; he explains that the bodies might have been transported to another plane. Gwinna searches for nearby recently-closed portals and finds one to the Abyss, realizing that this is where Lowen and Aja must have landed. In the Abyss, Aja comes up to Lowen, looking confused; Lowen awakes and greets her, asking what's happened.

Episode tag: Asmun watches the party leave, and immediately runs home to covertly pack her own things.


Demons and Desires

Lowen and Aja are in a desert section of the Abyss, unsure how to escape this situation. A small demon pops up, introducing itself as Ellel, and says that it'll help them in exchange for passage out of the Abyss. It convinces them to head to a castle where their chances of survival may be better; a demon army is camped outside the castle, but Lowen and Aja manage to sneak through. [Stuff happens in the castle??]

Episode tag: Someone who looks like Aja -- Zeth -- wakes in Hell and switches at once to a less angelic form, panicked.


Down to Nowhere

Having agreed that their next task must be to rescue Lowen and Aja from the Abyss, the party heads to the ruins on the outskirts of Verhold where they first encountered Dusk and the portals. Five of the portals have already been disabled, so the party begins going through the other portals' tests. They defeat the earth elementals Gwinna had previously talked down; fight ice elementals; become briefly trapped in chains before they help one another escape, fighting devils along the way, though they avoid engaging the fallen angel guarding the center of this level. At the final portal, each of them are given a vision, ending in the destruction of the Material Plane, and a chance to turn back. Everyone but Skjaldi disbelieves their visions;Skjaldi is left behind, and the rest of the party appears in the Abyss, a castle in the distance and ever-shifting sand around them.

Episode tag: Skjaldi stands alone in the portal room; Dusk appears behind her.


Gaze Not Into the Abyss

The party sees a army of demons camped below the castle and creep closer to investigate. In the icy spires of the castle, Lowen and Aja spot them, and Lowen sends Ellel out to ask for help. However, demon spot Dyr and attempt to capture her; Lowen and Aja grab what loot they can and swoop out on their new magic carpet to rescue the party. Gwinna and Tsadok are separated from the rest of the party and deposited by a demon in a poisonous swampland, where they battle giant spiders as they attempt to find a way out. The marilith demon (Tricia Helfer) who controls that section of the Abyss summons Gwinna to her, and offers her and Tsadok safe passage through the Abyss, as well as a demon army to have at her call, if Gwinna can promise her a way out. Gwinna claims she needs to consult with the party, and flies towards them as a hawk while the marilith holds Tsadok as collateral. Back with the marilith, she reads Tsadok's fears and turns his battle-rage into an uncontrolled frenzy. Gwinna reunites with the party, who mount a rescue attempt; they fly over the marilith's domain on the magic carpet, thinking of various ways they might attack, until Aja proposes they use one of the charms on a friendship bracelet they found with their loot. The party summons Tsadok to the carpet, drops an ice bomb on the marilith's palace, and flies away to another section. There Lowen casts a spell that gives them a pocket plane in which to rest, but Aja spots a construct on the horizon, heading for them.


Open the Way

The party's safe haven is surrounded by demon-construct retrievers. Tsadok has needed time to heal, and in that time thirty retrievers arrived. They know they cannot stay there indefinitely, and Gwinna has a good enough sense of the direction of home that she thinks she might be able to figure out how to open a portal out of the Abyss, but they need to buy time. Lowen and Aja decide to run tests to see which retrievers will follow each member of the party: Gwinna flies off as a hawk, and twenty-four retrievers follow her. Lowen and Elliwick go a different way in the carpet, taking three more. Elliwick believes the retrievers have weak points and shoots for them -- successfully, despite that they're constructs without weak points. Tsadok, Aja, Dyr, and Gwinna's wolf are left to deal with the remaining three, which they dispatch. They run from Lowen's spell, and some ways away Aja uses a lyre of building in which to create a small defensible fort. Lowen and Elliwick circle back to the fortress, leaving Tsadok, Dyr, and Gwinna's wolf on main defense. Gwinna also returns, with the bulk of the retrievers following her. Lowen sets up another small pocket plane spell, sped up relative to Abyss time, in which people can go to heal or be healed by Aja, and the party tag one another out for a grinding battle in which they slowly take out the retrievers. Even with the spell they cannot keep up healing; Gwinna's wolf becomes petrified by one of the retrievers, and must be shoved in a bag of holding for the rest of the battle. Ellel drops a wall of force to buy the party time. Elliwick sees a balor on the horizon and knows they cannot defeat it. Dyr falls, and Tsadok goes into a berserker rage; Dyr is revived by the party, and runs back into battle, unafraid of Tsadok. Meanwhile Gwinna and Aja are frantically trying to figure out how to open a portal as the balor flies closer. Lowen creates the image of a green dragon to scare the balor off; it only laughs, but its minions are frightened away. Gwinna and Aja realize how to open a portal, and yell for the party to go to it now; Tsadok is still in rage and doesn't listen, but Dyr kisses and he returns to himself and follows them out. Everyone lands in a forest on the material plane, the balor's cry of rage vanishing behind them as Gwinna shuts the portal, and everyone hugs in general delight that they've survived.

Episode number



The Persistence of Song

[Skjaldi defending Ellesmere, gathering allies, discovers Leon is catfolk, going to underwater elves, their prince (Benedict Cumberbatch), saving Bronze, losing orb, releasing tarrasque, imprisonment.]


Dark Water

Having returned to the material plane, the party rests and recovers. Tsadok and Dyr consumate their relationship, and discuss Tsadok's plans to rule an orc nation, which Dyr offers to assist him with; Ellel and Lowen have a discussion about whether Ellel should stay with the party, bound to Lowen's soul, and Lowen agrees. The following morning, the Bronze (Kate Mulgrew) summons the party to the seashore, explains that her orb is being controlled, and that Skjaldi has gone to get it and not returned. Tsadok vanishes; the Bronze explains that the White dragon has summoned him. The party agrees that rescuing Skjaldi is highest priority, so the Bronze transforms the party into sea creatures, and they set off to find Skjaldi in the underwater elven city. They discover that she's being held prisoner; Gwinna makes friends with some of the city's druids, who agree to help the party create a distraction and summon schools of fish while the party breaks Skjaldi out of prison. They manage to escape the prince, but cannot retrieve the bronze orb. Back on the surface, Dyr gets a message from Asmun, saying that she's at a village to the north and that something is wrong, though the message is cut off before she can finish. The Bronze offers to send them to that village, but regrets that she cannot come along -- she is still compromised, and she must leave them to go to a conference of the great metallic dragons to discuss what should be done about the crisis of the planes.

Episode tag: Ellel, on Lowen's shoulder, cycles through various forms, before finally settling to disguise himself as a budgie. 


Prove Yourself

The village Asmun's distress call came from is completely abandoned except for a panicked Alex. He explains how Asmun ran away from home and met him on the road, that they have been traveling together, and that they were investigating disappearances in this village, but that Asmun has disappeared as well. 

Trying to rescue Asmun, Efreet's arena challenges (centipede, traps, doubles), Efreet questions.


Tamer of Night

Rescuing Asmun from mindflayers, drow, party nopes out, Elliwick's adventures at dragon con, Dusk and the sword.


They Also Serve

Bringing Dusk back, meeting the paladins, freeing the dwarven city, Dyr's arm.


The Edge of Things That Are

Rescuing the Green's scale, gargoyle army.


A Way in the Wilderness

The Beastlands, Gwinna's beastie army, Waret, not orc god Gumsh, angel shows up for Aja.


The Abyss Gazes Also

Bitty nagons! Getting them to Hieronious' plane, evacuation plan, plan to stall for time by going to Hell, Aja's reveal about Zeth, party split between Hell and the Astral Plane.


Uncover the Silver

Dyr, Skjaldi, and Elliwick meeting psionic Abthek and stealing the Silver orb on the Astral Plane; Gwinna, Lowen, and Aja opening a portal between first layer of Hell and the Abyss; summoned by the Green.


No Enemy But Time

Rescuing the Copper, destroying the gate between Outlands and Pandemonium. 


Somebody Hears You

Gwinna, Lowen, and Aja return to Hell, find Zeth, are apprehended by Asmedeus' daughter Glasya. Elliwick discovers her father is missing, coordinates with Aliea; Hell party in the seventh layer, illusions and acquatic elf.


The White Dragon

Dyr and Skjaldi reunite with Tsadok, take out the White; realize how fucked the Northern city is. 


Last of the Magicians

Hell party escape with aquatic elf; Elliwick coordinates with Dyr and Skjaldi; Gwinna speaks with her mum and Dusk. Meet in the Northern city, Lowen's mum attacks, Green and assassins, Faedrin dies, weasel mum. 


The Lights Are Going Out

Elliwick and Lowen go to Abthek to get answers from weasel mum; Zeth out of the tower and with the Copper; Dyr's arm not working, meet up with Asmun. Dyr, Tsadok, and Elliwick go north; Elliwick's shadow powers working strangely; defeat vampire, get White's head, go to meet the army.



First half of WizCon: Waret's intro, speaking with various people, Planeswalker. Dyr, Tsadok, and Elliwick meet with the Northern army, defeat frost giant, meet Fang, disperse army. Lakal wanting to talk with Gwinna alone.


I Am Become a Name

Lakal explains dead Force, falling apart of magic, Prismatic's plan, etc; talks to the party about it. Shiko talks with her people. Gwinna realizes the archmage has to be on Prismatic's side; guild is evacuated; Tsadok and Dyr return; Lowen decides to take back to guild by becoming archmage. Discovery of assassin! Pryde (lich archmage) appears, big dragon fight, Aliea and head cleric destroyed, Lowen manages to secure guild. (Last shot: PORTAL OPENING.)

Hiatus miniseries

Because Planeshift was given an extended third season, it went on a spring hiatus between episodes 7 and 8; Anderson and the creative team took this opportunity to air a miniseries starring the exploits of Asmun and her companions after they broke away from the main party. 

Episode number


Alex and Asmun on the road to Sol, meet up with Shirori, attacked by black dragon, Moric appears to do battle, they're kidnapped to a fighting ring.


Escape fighting ring with help from city druid in Shirori's sisterhood, get to Sol, begin investigating ring and noticing people following, end with baddies sneaking into Alex and Moric's room.


Alex, Moric, and Asmun as puppies! Escape, run-in with wizard, meeting with Aliea, regroup at Ellesmere, setting up of network.


Return to Sol, defeat the black dragon.


Encounter with Adhun, journey north, Alex's people destroyed, attempted assassination of Shiori; on the way to Alenhroft, summoned to WizCon. 

Episode number



Live By Leaving Behind

Everyone debates whether to bring Aliea. Tsadok returns north because army and portal opening, Dyr follows with Elliwick and the Silver. Silver begins evacuation of island; Dyr gets kidnapped by Fang; message to Ellliwick to come play. Everyone convenes at tower to discuss strategy, Tsadok thinks there's no time, they return north with Asmun and decide to run into obvious trap to rescue Dyr, with help from the Red. Attempted rescue of Dyr; Asmun asks the Red to take everyone out, but Tsadok resists. He reaches Dyr and stabilizes her; the Gold appears and rescues them both.


Red and Gold

The Red shoves everyone into a rod of security to plan. Training/planning montage! Drinking montage!! The decision (undrunkenly) to take on the Greater Red with Dyr's Red's help. Everyone sends messages to their allies, Asmun returned to Ellesmere; the party calls in the dragonslayers, assists the Gold in fighting the Greater Red, lets the Gold flee to heal itself, Dyr's Red steps in, Lowen gets the final shot and kills the Greater Red. The Gold and the dragonslayers turn on the Red, but Dyr tells them not to kill it, and the Red flees.


Empires of the Mind

Party splits to plan for heist. Dusk and Skjaldi talk, Dusk accompanies Gwinna to talk with druids, Dyr talks with Abthek, Asmun gets her assassin plan in motion, Elliwick plans with her father, Aja goes to Faedrin's tower, Lowen and Zeth chat with weaselmom. Gwinna gives her scale to Tsadok; Elliwick gives speech to the Underground. Aja and Gwinna meet with Duchess, Gwinna signs on support. Abthek arrives to assist, city is blessed, Copper and Silver are on hand. HEIST BEGINS. Sneaking in, lots of weaselmom, Abthek helps the party go into his head for a battle with the lich, Lowen hugs a lich to DEATH. Above Skjaldi calms people so they can move to safety. Pryde appears and tries to attack; the party runs to their tower. Pryde tries to get into the Ellesmere wizards guild, is thrown out, contacts Lowen threatening to level Ellesmere unless they meet him in battle. 


To the Grave

Dusk convinces Gwinna and Aja to come to the dragon graveyard to find the remains of a Force. They meet tiny etheral dragon and give it gifts, battle several larger guardian dragons, realize the way is clearer than it should be. After being attacked by a giant dragon on a mountain they hole up in a cave, where they get Dusk to confess that he is after his namer and his namer's demon-controlling rod, and that his namer is also after a Force. Gwinna decides to help him; they all have a plan in place, but when Aja tries to surprise attack the namer and his party, she has a vision of a battle between Heaven and Hell. Gwinna tries to save her but ends up trapped by the namer, who names both Gwinna and Aja. They are ordered to not attack the namer or his allies; to procure the Force remains for him; and to return to their party and not let on that they were named, and instead simply say the plan had failed. Gwinna finds the Force; she and Aja return to the material plane, where they make sure each other are all right, share a first kiss, and try to contact Dusk but fail.



Back in Ellesmere, Aja and Gwinna return to the news that Pryde is planning to attack the city. Everyone gets a night's sleep. In the morning Pryde comes, summoning skeletons and dragons; Lowen raises the city's defenses and rallies the wizards. When Tsadok and Dyr go the surface to bolster defenses, Tsadok is immediately run through by Fang, who was already inside the city when the defenses went up. Dyr and Elliwick fight Fang and attempt to keep Tsadok from dying; the Gold, Lowen, and Gwinna engage Pryde; Aja rallies magic statues in defending the barrier; Skjaldi sings the skeletons into turning on one another. Lowen manages to repeat her unmaking spell upon Pryde, who explodes but doesn't seem to be entirely destroyed, though all his troops immediately retreat. Left alone, Fang also tries to vanish, but Skjaldi spots him and has Waret pinpoint him with a spotlight. Asmun, who has taken this long to escape from the tower and come to Ellsemere, rushes in to place a working on Fang that turns constructs human with weaknesses. When Aja attacks him, Fang crumbles. The Gold offers to place Fang in its hoard. [Victorious, the Planar Heroes tell everyone watching that this is but the first battle and everyone should get inside the material plane safe zone.]


Ends and Means

Asmun, Lowen, Skjaldi, and Aja go to the Gold dragon to learn about Force dragons, speak to a Force gem. Meanwhile Gwinna goes to Lakal and asks her to kill and reincarnate her; she ends up in Hell, where Asmadeus' daughter says that she can either stay there, or be allowed back to her body but must kill Beelzebub and Mephistopheles within the year. Near Alenhroft Tsadok, Elliwick, and Dyr meet up with Tsadok's building army and go to defeat and ally with other orc clans. Gwinna awakens, reincarnated SHINIER, and contacts the party to tell them about being named; she joins those in the Gold hoard to explain more fully. Elliwick terrorizes an orc camp ruled over by a priest of Grumsh who claims Alenhroft a holy site and Tsadok a traitor; Tsadok and company attack and overrun them.


The party meets back up at the tower to take care of various tasks in the week before Tsadok's army will attack Alenhroft. They bring Aliea back to life in the hopes she will be helpful. Dyr and Elliwick leave to find the Silver and Abthek on the astral plane after they disappeared while battling the assassin lich; Lowen, Asmun, Aja, and Aliea go to find Lowen's archmage robe and the Force hoard the gem spoke of; Gwinna, Tsadok, and Skjaldi decide to stay on the material plane. Elliot retrieves the Queen from where she was being held by elves, and Gwinna requests an audience with the elven queen to broker a treaty. Before they leave she scries on Dusk and sees he's being held in the Genth forest. Skjaldi and Tsadok agree to go with her; Skjaldi mesmirizes a Genth outpost, Tsadok takes out the rest, and Gwinna retrieves Dusk without much trouble. She tries to get them out but Dusk's shadow portal breaks, so she planeshifts them out to the Capital where they go to a safehouse. Dusk reveals that he took a claw from the Force corpse in the dragon graveyard, and Gwinna kisses him in thanks. Skjaldi, Tsadok, and Gwinna go with the Queen to see the Queen of the Elves, who explains about a tready due; Gwinna sets Tsadok to negociate Elven Queen, and gets the human Queen to step down.


On the astral plane, Dyr and Elliwick have to battle Abthek and Beelzebub in a mind palace!! The other group does some tricks with orbs, gets archmage robes and JAEGER, goes to Elysum to find a Force dragon hoard. Horrible buuugs. They get hoard stuff and return to Ellesmere for a well-deserved jacuzzi bath.


In the jacuzzi, Ellel refuses to talk about force thing and scuttlefishes awaaaay. The party discusses tactics, sets Asmun to work on force dragon stuff, decide to take care of Pryde so he can't interfer in the Capital takeover. The party grabs god weapons from the Ellesmere mages' guild hoard and heads to Sol, where they call on Pryde. Pryde appears with many Green and Black dragons in tow. Lowen, communicating with the Green, takes Dyr on a carpet through a portal to where Pryde is directing the dragons; Dyr holy smites him and Lowen knocks the Green orb from Pryde's cold dead hands. The Green appears to eat Pryde and to hunt down his other bodies. [Stuff in Sol!]