Main CharactersEdit

Secondary CharactersEdit

Emron/Jeris: Husbands who lead the northern island. Emorn is a talented spear/lance fighter who takes care of military aspects and monster hunts. Jeris is a high-level cleric of Vatun (Lesser god of Winter) and to a lesser extent Heironeous. He uses his magic to keep his people warm/keep the villages up north running. After the destruction of the Northern Island, both now serve as the heads of Tsadok's northern army.

Warret: Demi-God of story telling. Has a flare for the dramatic and lives for a good show. He has taken a particular liking to the main party and the story they are shaping, and 'helps' by broadcasting their victories.

Fucking DragonsEdit

Eira: White/Silver Dragon with an unknown origin. Resided on the Northern Island and helped kill THE White.